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SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR THE UNEMPLOYED: Essentials Needed for Confident Interviewing to Land the Perfect Job

Have you lost your job suddenly and you don’t know where to  turn? Do you wish you knew exactly what was needed to stand out in an interview? Do you want Insider Secrets to beating out the stiff competition?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is definitely for you.

2020 has dealt us a very scary hand with over 40 million people out of work by midyear. With this sudden rise in unemployment, many are finding themselves in survival mode – wondering what can they do to prepare themselves for the “New Normal” on the job hunt front. Just as there are rules when in the wilderness for survival, there are rules needed when job searching. In survival situations, it is critical that you have a guide of some sort to help direct you in order to get you to safety, this guide will be what you need to get from stressed to success in your confidence as you prepare yourself to land the perfect job.  

Paperback and on Kindle


This book was written and dedicated to the millions of people who lost their jobs due to covid-19 coronavirus and to the 2020 Graduates who are seeking work during a global pandemic.


In this book, it reveals the self-doubt we have within ourselves and how we lean on others to give their permission on whether we should be doing what is prompted on our hearts to do. In our waiting for permission, we dim our light and stop pursuing our mission until it is one day gone and we do nothing. This book will help you discover or rediscover that you have all you need to go forward and fulfill the purpose of your life; for you to live the life God wants for you where you impact your world and do the good He puts on your heart to do. Go in the strength you have and He will do the rest.   

Paperback and on Kindle


Just as coffee gives you the jolt you need to start your day in an upbeat way, so will this book series give you the boost you need to enhance the positivity and encouragement in your day. Each book is a quick-read of 31 Quotes & Lessons learned that is suggested to be enjoyed over a nice cup of coffee!   


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