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Preparedness takes

 you from stressed to success

- Cassandra Whitlow -

                                     WHY WORK WITH CASSANDRA WHITLOW?

Transformative Career Coach

Cassandra creates confident candidates to show up strong in interviews through strategy sessions and career coaching; she also gives career and empowerment talks to organizations and the community.

Trusted Experience

Certified Recruiting Expert and Career Coach with 20 years experience coaching thousands of candidates on how to stand out in an interview.  She has also consulted with hiring managers on interview practices and deliberating to find Top Talent for hire.

Thought Leader

Cassandra has written three books with original, informative, engaging content:

- Survival Guide for the Unemployed: Essentials Needed for Confident Interviewing to Land the Perfect Job (Career) - Written Summer 2020

- You Don’t Need Permission to be Great: Go in the Strength you Have (Empowerment)

- Espresso for the Soul: 31 Days of Encouragement & Life Advice (Encouragement)

             Worked with the following companies, organizations, and schools in various capacities: Workshop Facilitator,             Career Coaching, TV Talk Show Guest, Panelist, Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Engagement Initiatives

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